Plachty-Lakers Muži Originální Kožené Mužské Boty Zimní Ležérní Zip

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      Cool shoes. The skin is outside and inside. Skin smell. Due to lacing fit on a wide leg. The color is very beautiful, saturated, dark brown. Soon November, rain and snow will show how the shoes will be in sock. If our weather conditions survive, you can still take it. I think they'll survive. The seller is sociable, he answered all questions quickly. There was a problem with a zipper, which only when dressing could be noticed, not on the leg the runner worked normally. The seller repaid the repair of the lightning. Shoemaker, when I saw these shoes, and then I also found out the price, said, that this is free and asked to throw off the link to this store. If we had a problem with a new shoe, FIG would be able to prove something or return, and your nerves would have been ruined by scandals. And then in a day the specified amount was returned. Worthy of respect. I am sure that this is a single case, as the shoes look impressive and trustworthy.



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      The order was made on November 11, then my order from tracking disappeared. Suddenly on January 11, a track from Germany appeared and the order came in 10 days. Ordered mixed color, but came Brown. Sewn well, the insole is comfortable. Zippers are metal, external fasteners are quite difficult, let's see how they will be in the sock. There are no smells of strangers. I did not communicate with the seller.



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      Per foot 260mm took size 40. Butt. I do. But I recommend taking more. And the quality is satisfied!



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      Bots are cool!!!

      Dxebadge 08


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